Sometimes i think of just stopping my blog all together.  Is blogging just a little too self righteous?  A bit of a "look at me and see how important i think i am" ?  I don't know really.  Do any of us bloggers out there really know?  Nope.  So we take a mini week or two long break and then stumble upon a picture or event that must be posted. . .  and voila we are back!

So here it is.  My picture i NEEDED to post.  Should have gone with my post : and we're lost in a masquerade.  Yet somehow this phot only just now made it into my hands.  This was a wildly fantastic night.  Pictured here i am with my dear friend Darren Kormandy.  Wearing my thrift store found lace body suit.  My self made black mask.  Quipped with my clip in hair extension bangs and my gold sheild 3 stone ring.  Darren's looking pretty fly with his scruff and dreads and awesomeness.



rio de janeiro.

new mario testino photo book given to me as a birthday present by my sister gracie // white knit fringed 
afgan // new iphone // american apparel The Summer T Shirt in ivory // black thigh high stockings // black bathing suit bottoms // messy texured blonde hair


summer loves.

i love these white harem linen pants and the nude leather jacket is a must for spring and summer.

the rest of these looks are my absolute favorites of free people this year so far.

craving each model's flowing naturally wavy hair. . . wishing mine was as long. . . a bit jealous.

After being totally and completely enamored with the Free People march 2011 catalog i've been carrying it around with me in my purse for sudden bursts of shopping inspiration.  And about 2 days later thats exactly what happened during a fifteen minute quick trip to the goodwill downtwon west.  Look at this beauty of a dress i have found and am just dying to rip apart for a diy fashion project.  Doesn't it just excude the same essence colors and flowy drapery of the above dress... spotted in the opening pages my catalog.  Yes. . . . score.  The low drop waist and maxi dress cut is perftect.  I do however think i might be making some alterations to the top and turn this into a nineteen seventies retro hippy chic flower child halter dress.  Hoping i get to this project real quick.


. . . what. . whats that you say. . you say today is saturday. . .

a day out in the world of vintage shopping and thrift stores... or as i have heard some of my bloggers from melbourne call it. . .  'op shopping' short for opportunity shopping. . . which i much prefer.  It seems to give a certain beauty and respect to the hobby of shopping at secondhand stores.  I mean really the treasures i have found out and about over the years more than fill up my fancy apartments as well as make up most of my beloved wardrobe.  And now 4 more items to add to my collection.

Beige-Cream Knit Summer Sweater - As inspired by these posts 'shooting for sweet' and 'central park' by the ever so lovely Rumi Neely of fashiontoast.  Love the slouchy cozy knits.  $4

Shel Siverstein's WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS - Been reciting poems from this childhood ook all week and just happen to find a perfect copy.  $2

Gold Whistle Pendent - Such a kitchy piece of jewelry for anyones collection... so excited to be able to own it in mine. Edgy yet chic.  $9

Black Cat Mug - One of a kind.  How rad will it be to drink morning tea out of this conversation piece.  My friend Mike saw it on my counter yesterday and got a kick out of it.  $1

all in all very productive shopping finds. maybe i should start selling some of the random knick-knacks and fashion finds... lemme know what you think?


leaving lets my heart remember how it is i feel.

picking up my man from the airport in about an hour. . . absolutely can't wait to see him. . . i feel like i want us to BE this picture when he gets back. . . with me in his arms.  Quite sexy.  He's actually rockin a much similar new hair cut too. . . like tha boy in the picture.  He really hasn't been gone that long.  Just a mid week trip to california to visit family.  Yet i've missed him nonetheless and am very happy to have him home.  

[img source: weheartit.com]

holy ghost.

1. After much love for the cartilage ear cuffs that have been so inspirational... i had made it my quest to find the perfect one.  Much searching and blog hopping later i settled on something even better.  I knew i just had to have it the moment i laid my eyes on it... the "Holy Ghost Pearl Spike Ear Cuff" by ashaloo on etsy.  Made of vintage pearls.  It dangles from behind the ear and i love how it looks worn with double and cartilage peircings on the model.  The whole single long earring look is so fab.  [should be getting mine in the mail anyday now.. can't wait to post.]

2. Morris Has Died.    My little pal... the spider that built his web in the stairwell outside apartment building... keeping me company the past few months has passed away.  Poor little guy.  He will be missed and remembered fondly every morning on my way out work.

3. Future Wedding Ring.    Low Luv by Erin Wasson Small Triple Crystal Cocktail Ring.  I don't care if this is costume jewelry.  I want something of eccentric taste and natural beauty.  Refinement just isn't my style.  I am in love with these rings cut from natural crystal.  A breath of fresh air against the standard engagement rings that i cant seem to even imagine wearing out of the house on my finger on a daily basis.

4. Dark Burgundy Lipstick.   This color is of my favorite variety.  The deep dark smoldering lip adds a bit or sultry mystery.  Especially with the addition of the smokey eye and the carefree messy waves.  Source unkown.  Might this be miss Abbey Lee Kershaw?

5. The Oversized Leather Messenger Tote.   Found these two beauties on tumblr.  An absolute must for this spring and summer.  So casual and put together all at once.  Shopping. Working. The perfect carryall.


almost any night of the week.

And then after lounging at home drinking a hard cider in my flannel shirt i decided why not bake some yummy gluten free vegan brownies.  Oh my my my was that the best thought of the night last night.  So gooey soft and delicious... and poured myself a glass of hemp milk to go along with.  Geeze it's been quite some time since i've baked something and could actually lick the spoon. mmmmmm.

Okay so i may have been slightly inspired by Hannah Glasby in this shoot by Darren McDonald from ColdAfterMidnight. This guy is one of my absolutely favorite photographers... it's just too bad some months ago he removed almost all of his freelance photowork from his blog.  His blog which used to be described as 

"Darren has a way of capturing sweet innocence.  Cold after midnight is more like a boyfriends blog showing off how beautiful his girlfriend, true love despite the girl goes from Avril Alexander to Hannah Glasby to Kate Dilliwaard to Danah Marks.  Personal work mixed with previews to his photoshhots around the world. " - capitalcitypretty.com

     has now been revamped into more of a commercial portfolio.  I must say i miss this old raw authenticity his blog portrayed in the past.  I'd absolutely love for him to release some of his old posts once again.  The blog world is empty without his previous work.


wasting away.

i've seen it in your eyes..  lying sleepless in never ending twilight..  hopes and prayers set aside..  to the intense beating of your heart ..   tearing down the gates you have so well put up..   surrendering to tears that seem to never stop..  completly taken..  keeping faith in your side pocket..  hidden and misunderstood..   but never leaves ..   

but know that ..

you glow of that same light that you desire..   you are that person that tears are shed for..   you are that one memory that is a constant ..   you are love..   you are hope..   you are believing..   you are everything ..

[my dear friend Chris Pagaduan]
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