almost any night of the week.

And then after lounging at home drinking a hard cider in my flannel shirt i decided why not bake some yummy gluten free vegan brownies.  Oh my my my was that the best thought of the night last night.  So gooey soft and delicious... and poured myself a glass of hemp milk to go along with.  Geeze it's been quite some time since i've baked something and could actually lick the spoon. mmmmmm.

Okay so i may have been slightly inspired by Hannah Glasby in this shoot by Darren McDonald from ColdAfterMidnight. This guy is one of my absolutely favorite photographers... it's just too bad some months ago he removed almost all of his freelance photowork from his blog.  His blog which used to be described as 

"Darren has a way of capturing sweet innocence.  Cold after midnight is more like a boyfriends blog showing off how beautiful his girlfriend, true love despite the girl goes from Avril Alexander to Hannah Glasby to Kate Dilliwaard to Danah Marks.  Personal work mixed with previews to his photoshhots around the world. " - capitalcitypretty.com

     has now been revamped into more of a commercial portfolio.  I must say i miss this old raw authenticity his blog portrayed in the past.  I'd absolutely love for him to release some of his old posts once again.  The blog world is empty without his previous work.


  1. Looking sexy in that flannel miss. Let's do some gluten free cooking together soon. Last night I had a gluten free Mexican bowl-it was bomb and I thought of you after every bite. <3

  2. So happy you made the brownies and they were yummy! I am still freaking out over the transposed pics!!! My brain cannot connect...♥

  3. babe thank you for the comment on my blog! how amaze is margaux's tattoo?! :) love the pics of you both in the park! super cute!


  4. You're crazy, your style is crazy, but that this is because I love it!



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