Black leather jacket: Bernan, Vintage Shop
White Mesh Long Sleeved Top: Forever21
Cross Necklace: Goodwill
White Belt: Vintage Shop
Skinny Jeans: Domaine, TJMaxx
Brown Leather Ankle Boots: Jessica Simpson, Marshalls


enough with the kisses already.


//sequin skirt: thrift store // shoes: DSW // tank: my closet //
tights: target // new fav black bra: victoria's secret


blue sapphire.

PFW wrap party // tiger bar // NW apartment
rollin out with the entourage //sequins // blazers
playing counter top beats // strong mixed drinks // 80's rockers



LA love.

Tia. oh my amazing friend from all over the place...currently reppinLA...
she was in town for work. And that of course means time for us to play.
Like EVERY weekend Tia is in town we both decided to do
some much needed
Goodwill shopping which meant finding some hot hot vintage items but
of course not getting out downtown til about 11. Parking
was then a tragedy
so unfortunately we both gotta even later start on a way late night out.

(check the gold necklace: my goodwill find of the day-
its GIVENCHY baby!)


East...once again...twice in one week? well ya. always loving the NY vibe
and thankfully we went cuz the DJ was off the hook. Made for such
an amazing night...drinking...catching up on our lives. plans.boys.shopping...
bumpin to the beats...gotta little shakin that booty in toward the end of
the night. Cannot wait to go back..too bad Tia was only on loan for the
weekend. Next time you see her..it's gonna be cuz i am trippin it up down
in my hometown visiting Tia. (Hopefully in November..fingers crossed)



oh brooke... you look so sexy now that i got my hands on you!
And wow can i remind you how our much needed hair salon dish
session made us both feel soooo much better and made you so sexy.
New hair... glammed up for working Portland Fashion Week...
start of a new you! Gotta say i am love love loving the HOT
red hair. super fly.

(your ex doesn't even know what he's missing out on...)

sucks to be him


whiskey sour.

Last night. Off work late from the salon. Had to get ready fast & head
downtown to meet my girl brooke (we kickit at the dance studio/she's
a stunning fashion week rep). Her man was spinnin at East (swanky
little NY scene lounge in SW) and i just needed a little whiskey and
venting after last week's heartbreak. One thing i can say about my
relationship gone sour...(or rather him freaking the f*** out)...is that
it's kept me skinny as can be. Able to throw whatever the hell i want
on and feel amazing. Rockin that body out! Threw on my skin tight jeans
and hot black snakeskin platform heels... belted this blue sequin top
(my thriftstore find) with a vintage black braided belt to show off a bit
of sexy midriff and dropped the neckline off the shoulder (so wish i had
a full body shot of the outfit...everyone was in LOVE with it) So glam yet
so laidback. And sexy as anything.

amazing what a postbreakup body does for the wardrobe.



oh baby.


my soon to be baby momma/ best friend chels is going in to
have her baby tomorrow morning. having a brunch date together
at the best french restaurant in Lake Oswego. mmm......so good
shoulda taken pictures of the food.

look how big she's gotten...can't wait to see how big this baby
boy's gonna be. I am gonna be a godmomma tomorrow.


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