welcome to [skinny]

Yes its true. Think i am finally ready to take the plunge into the art of blogging.
Been trying to piece thoughts together and figure out exactly how i wanna
approach this whole thing. after stumbling upon pages like 4th and Bleeker
& thecobrasnake & LE FLASSH... [and getting oh so sick and tired of the whole
myspace/ facebook/ social networking waste of time]... I have decided it is time
for me to put a little bit of me out there for all to see. Call it a journal... a fashion
blog... a networking site... anything you like. For me it just is what it is.

Not a way to archive all that inspires me, or to lust after those things i so
desperately want and need in my life. I wont just copy and paste pictures and
ideas from other popular blogs and sites. Post and repost... Of what use is that?
i find none. No purpose.

But this.. this is simply a collection of my life. ME... my style. my thoughts.
what i do. who i am. A way to experience me. laurenjean. With that said here
it is. My blog [skinny]. Hope it makes you happy.


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