leaving lets my heart remember how it is i feel.

picking up my man from the airport in about an hour. . . absolutely can't wait to see him. . . i feel like i want us to BE this picture when he gets back. . . with me in his arms.  Quite sexy.  He's actually rockin a much similar new hair cut too. . . like tha boy in the picture.  He really hasn't been gone that long.  Just a mid week trip to california to visit family.  Yet i've missed him nonetheless and am very happy to have him home.  

[img source: weheartit.com]


  1. how cuuute! and nothing more exciting.
    did she really cut all of her hair off and is now brunette? oh my.
    do you have a link you can show me? x.

  2. it makes me smile so big to read that comment from you! sure, i'll follow you.
    i'm so silly, i have actually seen angelica's shorter hair and oh my gosh,
    i have a love/hate thing going on with it.
    her long, blonde hair was the most gorgeous, ever.
    lucky thing, she looks incredible either way! x.


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