there was a time when men were men.

BOYS... yes, i am definately talkin to you right about now. What has
happened to all ya'll? it's sad really.

I was watching television a couple nights ago and was awe struck at
the sight of this newest commercial...for kettle one vodka of all things!
Struck because when i watched i was mesmerized at the sight of men
taking back there role as men in this world... Real Men... Gentlemen...
dare i say "Mad Men"

.... it is refreshing really.

In a day where it seems most men are content acting as spoiled
immature little boys here is an ad that speaks volumes about what I
am most seeking in a man for my life, but had so regretfully put aside
when falling head over heels for my previous hot mess of a boy. Yes
I was SO in love...real love...the kind that you need nothing more in
this world but will be content for always with him by your side... but
its over now... and i am slowly but most definately realizing that the
man i am really desiring...the man i deserve.. is all that and more. He's
this man...a "kettle one" man...

a Gentleman

Sadly they have been lost..left by the wayside by all the pretty boys..
the losers.. the momma's boys.. the "gold digging" younger boys..
boys who expect life to be handed to them on a silver platter. I hope
those days are coming to an end.. its time for us girls to stand up and
demand that men be real men again.. like that which was once was
expected of them.

(Enough with my chit chatting...the commercial really says it all... spot
on! Watch all 3 videos and see what you think)

oh my word...buckles to die for.

Bought these boots yesterday at that shoe store on NW 23rd Ave. Cannot
think of for the life of me the name of the store but i will edit my post when
my forgetfulness subsides. Went in looking for my much lusted after 4 inch
high ankle boots and when they were sold out of my size i FELL IN LOVE
with these...and they hadn't sold outta my size.. uh oh rewind...actually the
sales girl came back out with the news: "all we have left is an 8 or a 10"
Sadness the eight is about a half size too small for me. But they fit and i can
walk and don't boots always stretch out anyway? After all these are shoes
i have spotted on manyof my favorite blogs yet never thought i'd actually
find. Besides living in the cold rainy city i am way in need of plenty more
boots for my wardrobe. Warm clothes...i never seem to have enough. Check
please hunny...these shoes are mine.


Anne Michelle, $60

So was it a mistake? I don't really know yet. But what i can say is that after
a late night of line dancing in my new dashes of sexiness...and then wearing
them out again today on a long day of thrift store shopping BOTH OF MY
FEET HURT...and they hurt really bad! I think i'll keep these babies laying
around the house for the next week and then take them out for round two:
Operation Stretch The Hell Out of My Brand New Shoes. After all it always
seems to work out just fine...eventually.

yup i think my feet really are dying for these shoes.



take it all......strip it down... see whats left.


Perfect Black Blazer:  Jerri Allen, Vintage (thriftshop find)
Blue Glass Bead Necklace: Nordstrom
Black Satin Slip [belted fit like a slouchy shirt]: Vandemere, Vintage (thriftshop find)
Black Bra: Victoria's Secret
Blue Stretchy pencil skirt: Ambiance Apparel, TJMaxx
Polka Dot Tights: Target
Black Leather Ankle Boots: MIA, Nordstrom Rack



clever trick.

Last night my best friend Amanda and I drove down to Portland's east side...
(the side of Portland my sister says i look like I am from) We went down to
the Wonder Ballroom for and AMAZING concert... Landon Pigg (Love in a Coffee
Shop) and of course my personal favorite...A FINE FRENZY. Ally Sudol is and
has been a favorite of mine for quite sometime..and thankfully Amanda shares
the same love for emotional music as i do. Had some drinks in the upstairs
bar during the opening bands... but of course when ms. sudol was ready to
play we dug our way to the front of the stage...(okay okay Amanda dragged me
up there! But i am just not a pushy concert goer) The show was incredible
and wouldn't have been the same had she not played and had i not teared up to
my most favorite song ever: ALMOST LOVER and thanks to amanda for the should
to cry on.


Now are you just about dying over this new vintage addition to my closet? Yes!
I am talking bout the red silk, sequin and beaded blouse i bought this week at
one of the east side vintage shops. It pretty much wears phenominally... and i
only have a few minor touch ups needing to be repaired in the sequin department.
But this piece has gotta be one of my new favorites!

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