happy un-birthday to me.

 sick.  sad and sick.  That's how i spent my birthday this year (march 19th) very merrily unhappy.  My nicest boyfriend tried to keep me away as he battled the flu in lonliness... an attempt to keep me well.  But of course i couldn't stay away long.. had to bring my man chicken noodle soup and medicine thursday night.  Us girls cant leave our boyfriends sick and alone... its too sad.  Yet of course i woke up friday morning with a fever.. i was a pathetic mess all day.

Saturday morning... my birthday was a drag.  Until he showed up with gifts in tow.  (pictured above: red velvet chocolate ganache cake balls // ceramic rhinocerous head wall mount we nicknamed Spencer)  Best birthday present ever though was having Jordan there sick with me on my birthday.  I mean no one wants to be sick on their birthday but it makes you feel best when you have a fever buddy you get to cozy up to and watch movies with on the couch all day... and just be a lazy mess.

You know in all i missed not having the classic birthday girl pretty party pictures with my twin sister.  Missed playtime at the bar with all my lovely friends and family.  But actually i think for this year there's know way i'd rather have spent the day and night but a cozy night in with my boy.


charmaine olivia.

 Yes!  Here it is... i finally recieved it in the mail.  My charmaine olivia print.  My punk rocker mohawk sillohuette.  It  will be an exquisite addition to my entry hallway black and white picture wall.  Stoked. The detail is wicked fierce and i am just blown away by the fact that this girl does here sillohuettes all free hand with an ink pen.  wow.  When i first stumbled her... i found another blogger raving on one of her posts... i checked out charmaine's website...and was so impressed by her paintings of ethereal women... tattooed beauties.  And then became hooked to her craft upon discovering the sillohuettes.  So many amazing prints to choose from. You must check them out.  I loved them all.  It was so hard to decide which one to buy... until i came across the below print.  I knew i had to own it..  I am in love with everypart of it.  From the girls mane to her nose ring (not sure if you can tell but its a bullring) her danngly chainy earrings to her tattoo work and the nudity.  Perfection.  I swear.   I am just wild about my etsy purchse.  Can't wait to get it framed and hanging on my wall.
And how sweet is charmaine.. she even sent a personal note to me with the print thanking me for the purchase.  No charmaine THANK YOU.  This girl deserves support.  So talented.

And look how cute she is while painting in her workspace.  She is honestly probably one of the most fashionable painters i have ever come by.  Her paintings are gorgeous and she is gorgeous too.  Here she is in the midst of finishing up one of my personal favorites of her paintings.  Isn't it marvelous?  Gosh charmaine what an inspiration! Check out her blog too.


on and on.

ok. so i know you all might be hoping i'd just post fashion pictures... but fashion is nothing without a life worth living and the styles inspired by the friends you surround yourself with.  Yes i promise to get back on with the fashionista musings as well and soon.  Yet have sadly been without a camera so been relying on the friends around me and my macbook camera for most shots.

THE LODGE:  when spoken around friends i need not say more.  This is the spot of pure pandimonium.  A spectacle every gathering with nothing but a rock band vibe and a lot of love to go around.  Where the nights roll into morning and the party lasts through the entire weekend.  This band.. these people... we are all just people getting along, dancing it up and having a sexy time.  white wine.  music.  kisses.   feathers.  pabst. and fur.  all part of our typical portland playtime.

And what better way to start the morning off than with eggs and bacon for breakfast and bloody mary's for everyone?


ummmm really.

I don't know about you but only few things cross my mind when i spot a creepy white van 
with the words "girls inc." written on the side in red lettering in some dark back alley at 11:00 
at night on the industrial east side of Portland:

   Abduction Van // Stripper Porn Van  //  Prostitution.              

need i say more.



Out and about... on the town with my girl alysha... she was my tag along friend invited on a 
twentyfirst birthday outing with a new and beautiful client and all her amazing friends. 
Thanking Alysha for keeping me company on this trip out with new friends all whom i hardly 
knew before this night. Thanking Victoria for all the drinks and champange and limo ride.  
This really was a perfect night thanks to all her planning and surprises. 
The body guard was a real treat...especially our private ride home in his towncar and our detour 
to three after party food spots (all closed) and finally making our way the The Roxy for some 
late night breakfast.  bacon and eggs and mimosas to top it off.

Do you see these amazing fishnet stocking with flare... always can count on Alysha pulling 
out all the stops in the fashion department with myself.  And geeze... did we happen to pull 
off quite matching rocker glam looks without even consulting eachother?

And Alysha... how in the world did you end up with the birthday crown at the end of the night?

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