. . . what. . whats that you say. . you say today is saturday. . .

a day out in the world of vintage shopping and thrift stores... or as i have heard some of my bloggers from melbourne call it. . .  'op shopping' short for opportunity shopping. . . which i much prefer.  It seems to give a certain beauty and respect to the hobby of shopping at secondhand stores.  I mean really the treasures i have found out and about over the years more than fill up my fancy apartments as well as make up most of my beloved wardrobe.  And now 4 more items to add to my collection.

Beige-Cream Knit Summer Sweater - As inspired by these posts 'shooting for sweet' and 'central park' by the ever so lovely Rumi Neely of fashiontoast.  Love the slouchy cozy knits.  $4

Shel Siverstein's WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS - Been reciting poems from this childhood ook all week and just happen to find a perfect copy.  $2

Gold Whistle Pendent - Such a kitchy piece of jewelry for anyones collection... so excited to be able to own it in mine. Edgy yet chic.  $9

Black Cat Mug - One of a kind.  How rad will it be to drink morning tea out of this conversation piece.  My friend Mike saw it on my counter yesterday and got a kick out of it.  $1

all in all very productive shopping finds. maybe i should start selling some of the random knick-knacks and fashion finds... lemme know what you think?

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