stitched up.

ok so i really wish i had the time to update my blog more often... 

sorry guys but thank you thank you thank you for following i appreciate you all so much. 
I love keepin this baby up and running. It really gives me a reason to get myself ready with a purpose every morning.  
The sad part being when my life gets too busy to click pictures of some of my favorite outfits. 
Sometimes i just get home from a long busy day of styling and dancing and errands and happy hours that 
all i wanna do is tear off my look.. drop it on the floor.. crawl under my covers.. only to close my eyes and 
I promise i will make a point of being better at that. Especially cuz i've been stuck in a second-hand vintage SHOPPING frenzy. 
When my life gets hectic i ALWAYS turn to op shopping... it stimulates me and relaxes me at the same time. 
Call it my DRUG....
hey we all need a vice to get us through the days...and at least mine means adding to my collection. 
over and over and over again. 

black corset : House of Vintage
black T shirt : Target
Jeans : Earnest Sewn
Black Leather Boots : MIA
Necklaces : Thrifted

Okay and so do you just love the corset wrapping me up in my outfit today... Once again another look i have been 
dying to try since seeing MegaB rock a similar outfit on her lookbook/blog Absolutely Oblivious. So stylish. I picked 
up this vintage black satin lace up corset at yet another vintage store on Hawthorne Blvd. One of my fovorite 
shopping spots... that is other than my local suburban goodwill/ ValueVillage (i swear the ladies out in the burbs give 
away some of the most fantastic pieces of clothing..or shall i say donate... to ME!) I love how the corset sexes up my 
VERY WORK APPROPRIATE outfit.. only problem is the corset makes washing ladies hair in the salon sink super 
straining on my back... but you know: Beauty is Pain.



nothing's ever really dead.

plaid is not dead

and plaid does not HAVE to be dead yet
but does it ever really go away entirely.. i think not
and so i bought a rad red one in the mens section of goodwill last night
along with MANY other goodies... 
Furs and such to be a little more precise.
at one point i was trying on piece after piece out in the open only to turn about
and find 3 little bitty girls dressed in skirts and bobs complimenting ME
"that is so fashionable" - -  - "she is SO stylish"
oh my word i just about died.
i remember looking up to the women in the lipstick and stilettos when i was a babe
and now i am one of those fairytale beauties
i smiled and responded

"thank you very much.. and you girls look so pretty in your beautiful pink dresses"

they blushed and twirled on their toes holding out their skirts head tilted in admiration and awe
a perfect day at the thrift shop



sometimes there are no words.

no clever quotes to neatly sum up what's happened that day.

sometimes the day just ends.



unexpected treasure.

i was very ready to take on the day other than the late morning wakeup..

[ i really gotta start getting up early in the a.m.
for a morning run. my morning tea.  and relaxing before heading to work
  .. it'd be a big step up from my normal "hurry up and get ready mornings" ]

on my list of things to do:

Grab my starbucks before dropping the car off at the repair shop


had about 2 hours to kill just waiting.   .   .   .   .   .

a lunch date with my twin sister didn't work out so i went to grab mexi food solo
but was distracted by a  Union Gospel Mission thrift shop
all these years and i never even knew it was there

(kinda like when i moved up from LA and thought snails did not exist here. HA)


FOUND: a white vintage faux fur jacket $6
[promise i will post me wearing it very soon]

i have been hunting for one since regretting not buy that Calico Vintage Rabbit Fur
how could i have been so darn dumb to let it go?
i mean it had shed a bit but what vintage fur isnt a little worn.   (sadness)

and oh um..
randomly decided to start a record collection.. they were just so cheap at 50 cents
and besides... i always crave the way listening to amazing music makes me feel
its the best high.. my favorite kind of drunk
and always so envious of those artsy girls and their old record collections
the ones you see in the movies

they remind me of my momma -- now i just gotta find a karen carpenter record

30's and 40's bigband // cocktail music // broadway songs // jazz // a random comedy



and the swagger of a college kid.

this video right here...
or more so watching this video for the first time last summer
may have very well been the moment i fell in love with T.I.

absolutely loved and still do love his paper trail album.

yes this boy has a bit of my heart
his style. his swagger. his attitude on life.
not to mention his reminder of the boys i fall for... so fly.
hoodies. wife beaters. baggy sweatpants. baller caps. [the suit is sexy too]

ok ok. i know i am soundin a bit gangster...
but for all ya'll that dont know i am a dancer.. [NO! ...not a stipper]
but a dancer:  ballet. jazz. burlesque. hip-hop.
so you get the picture... love it or not thats me

well check the video


T.I. feat. Rihanna - Live your life

Mihaela | MySpace Video

life is an interesting journey.
never know where it'll take you.
peaks and valleys. twists and turns.
you can get the surprise of your life.

sometimes on the way to where your goin
you might think.
this is the worst time in my life.
but you know what.
at the end of the road.
through all the adversity.
if you can get where you wanted to be.
you remember whatever dont kill you
makes you stronger.
and all of that adversity was worth it.

on your way to the top you'll do anything.

but how do you get your life back when you get there

thats my dilemna.



the day i had to make up.

(after the dreaded hangover)



get out and do something about it.


Black Leather Booties: NYLA, TJMaxx
Black Tights: Betsy Johnson
Denim Hot Pants: Forever21
Black Tank: American Apparel
Gray Blazer: Vintage, thrift shop

Saturday i had a big day full of parties!  Always exciting.  Got up early...jetted off to work for a couple hours in the hair salon... afterwards it was time for some hardcore freshening up.  Had some chipped acrylic nails that needed a super touchup...finished off with MAGNIFICO MEXICO an eye popping orange nail shade i was dying to find after scoping a new Fade to Black blog post, It's All About the Orange.  Oh man...ladies ths girl is sooo daring she actually rocked out some bold orange lip color and made it work fabulously... i was about to just dye when i decided to just give it a try in one way or another and i dare you to too.  i swear its like the best new color of the season! (Gotta give a shout out to this girl Gemma Rowlands... she is so innovative in the way she styles herself and she is also a crazy designer as well.  For any of you who haven't heard of her you gotta keep up with her blog...its fantastic)

Okay so first stop after sprucing up was my girl Erika's baby shower (my ex boyfriend's little sister's shower) up in Vancouver... so of course i had to make an amazing impression on the family who i hadn't seen in quite some time.  I was pretty much going for "why in the hell did you let HER go??!"  And basically got grandma lookin me up and down and telling auntie "Oh my word...she's stunning!"  The three of us ended the night swapping beauty tips and such.  Mission Accomplished.  And as for erika and the rest of the family.. i really do love them dearly and had such a wonderful time spending time together playing baby shower games and laughing with old stories.  And no of course it was not all in vain.. i really feel I am so blessed to have gained a lifelong friend through my heartbreak.  Life works out exactly how it's supposed to i suppose.

Next stop was my momma's best friends dinner party.  Wine. Homemade appetizers. Chicken marsala. Spinach artichoke salad. Party games. And enough drunken laughs to last at least until the next couple weeks.  I never knew i could have such fun with a couple girlfriends and a bunch of forty year old couples.  Definately worth spending a saturday night in for a change.  I will try to snag some pictues from the night from my daddy. 




you can shut it out for a time but it aint going away.


thats right...
the sun peaked out of the rainy Portland sky today and...oh my how happy a girl
that made me.  Reminded me how close spring and summer is approaching and
i just cant wait.  Cant wait to soak in every minute of sun that we are blessed with.

excited for: washougal river. drinkin beer in the coves. walks in the waterfront.
window shopping on 23rd. Twin Rocks and Rockaway Beach. floating the river.
sauvies island. the nude beach.

yes.. pulled out this picture from a year ago... it epitomizes the best days of last
summer.  Spending an amazingly warm sunny day liberating ourselves in a new
but oh so freeing way.  Feeling so european on a small oregon beach.  It was fresh
and well worth it. and such a great story to remembering back on. i do look
forward to going again.. well that is if i can pull gracie out with me. Regardless..
gonna spend tons of amazing sunny summer days doing absolutely nothing and
loving it all.

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