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I am so excited... He of Fashion By He has featured me as his "HottHe of the Week" this week.  I couldn't be more flattered and honored to have been givin this opportunity.  If you haven't heard of He, his blog is one of the most popular fashion blogs written from a man's point of view.  Ladies check it out and get some candid tips tricks and advice on what guys really love and hate about women's fashion.  I am excited for all of my readers see my feature... and look forward to seeing some new faces hopefully on my blog.

He - Thank you for the wonderful review and the He Approval.  I keep on loving you and the blog!


white washed.

Been wearing my hair with its natural wave lately.  It's finally grown long enough to not constantly pull back on every occasion in a desperate attempt to make the style look halfway decent and purposeful. I LOVE my hair today!  I think this is actually the first time in my whole life that i can honestly admit that i love eveything about it and its natural texture... well that is other than the fact that i am dying in wait once again for new extensions.  The color is absolutely perfect white platinum... a perfect Kristin Reiter white.  The curls are due to completely letting my hair airdry on it's own with a little Bb Styling Spray.  And i must say my hair would be nothing if it wasn't for my deep conditioning masques.  They have saved my hair life!

gold bracelets - thrifted  //  jeans - Joe's  //  red string - gifted  //  suede boots - MIA  //  earcuff - ashaloo via Etsy


number 60.

I am thrilled.  I ordered some #60 (white blonde) extension hair a few weeks ago and it has finally arrived from Europe.  It's been a wait but i just know it will be worth it.  After three summers with short hair this year i am going to be able to rock the sexy beachy i have only lusted after in the past.  Gotta get my roots touched up first and then i can't wait to show you all my after pictures!


It's a shame i couldn't post these photos sooner... but i had to keep them a secret due to the fact that these three pieces were gifts from me to my little sister as a present that took way too long to get to her.  Since she is a fellow blogger i wouldn't dare post these for fear of ruining her surprise.  Also noted should be the absolute success i had.  She absolutely died over these garments.  Which obviously put a smile on my face.

Each piece of clothing was made by or altered by me.  I am sooo proud of these pieces.

1. BLACK FITTED BLAZER - found it at a thrift store for one dollar.  Yes i am serious.  Added the gold buttons and repaired a minor hole in the right back shoulder by sewing on a chic detailed heart patch.

2. BLACK MAXI SKIRT - oh my.  let me just say the fabric of this skirt is absolutely to die for.  I don't know what it is but it feels like a cold breezy jersey knit. (if that even makes the slightest bit of sense to any of you)  Since it is so so hard for us tall girls to find long long floor length figure flattering skirts i figured i'd fashion one up on my own.  A perfect addition too any spring/summer/winter/fall wardrobe in black especially.  I fashioned this maxi out of a longish old sackdress i happed to stubble upon at the local thrift store.  When i finished this item it was soooo hard to part with.  So hard in fact that now (as seen in my last post) i have already mad my self one of my own. Yay.

3. CHIC ARMY PARKA - an absolute must have item for this spring turned summer.  I have loved how i see girls pulling off this baggy yet fitted jacket style over skinny jeans or even a sweet flowy dress.  This look is one my sister can pull off much better than myself.  I can't say i do well even in the slightest in long coats.  My alteration to this (also thrift store find) was adding some one of a kind detailing by sewing black lace along the zipper lining and collar. Just the perfect touch.

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- wearing -

 BLACK LACE BRA - victorias secret 
BROWN DOUBLE BELT - thrift store find
SILVER CRUCIFIX - sidewalk sale find


relax and just be.

needed some headshots for the new salon website.  And as they were due and i have no updated "official" shots of myself as such i decided as a last resort at 2am i must shoot my own.  With my macbook in hand and a stack of pillows piled next to my white bedroom door i began snapping away.  I must say i am actually quite in support and happy over how these selfportraits came out.  wow... impressive!

I feel like these pictures really capture my edgy rocker boho chic summer vibe.  kisses.

bracelet - faded crimson string from the blanket my boyfriend cozies up to.  As it falls apart he ties the yarn on his wrist. I stole one of the tattered strings to match the one he wears.

feathers - though bought in a set at ForeverBeads on hawthorne street, i prefer to wear these and other dangling earrings solo.  The orange pops against the black and brown and the gold chains add a bit of flair.



summer suedes.

After work. Night out for memorial day. Brought the girls (halle and gracie) a housewarming gift of one of my home liquor cabinet must haves: Lunazul Tequila.  Shots to go around.. and checked out their new ever so sexy bachelorette suite.  Two bedrooms. Amazing city view. Their interior decorating is turning out to be absolutely gorgeous. Pictures soon to follow hopefully.  On the way to the mexican restaurant the girls snapped this photo on me and my boy walking down the sidewalk.  What a great photo to have.. thanks girls for thinkin of me on our walk.

- wearing -

purple suede skirt : vintage thrift store find
nude suede pumps : zigisoho vis DSW
black top : new gift from gracie last night



Sometimes i think of just stopping my blog all together.  Is blogging just a little too self righteous?  A bit of a "look at me and see how important i think i am" ?  I don't know really.  Do any of us bloggers out there really know?  Nope.  So we take a mini week or two long break and then stumble upon a picture or event that must be posted. . .  and voila we are back!

So here it is.  My picture i NEEDED to post.  Should have gone with my post : and we're lost in a masquerade.  Yet somehow this phot only just now made it into my hands.  This was a wildly fantastic night.  Pictured here i am with my dear friend Darren Kormandy.  Wearing my thrift store found lace body suit.  My self made black mask.  Quipped with my clip in hair extension bangs and my gold sheild 3 stone ring.  Darren's looking pretty fly with his scruff and dreads and awesomeness.



rio de janeiro.

new mario testino photo book given to me as a birthday present by my sister gracie // white knit fringed 
afgan // new iphone // american apparel The Summer T Shirt in ivory // black thigh high stockings // black bathing suit bottoms // messy texured blonde hair


summer loves.

i love these white harem linen pants and the nude leather jacket is a must for spring and summer.

the rest of these looks are my absolute favorites of free people this year so far.

craving each model's flowing naturally wavy hair. . . wishing mine was as long. . . a bit jealous.

After being totally and completely enamored with the Free People march 2011 catalog i've been carrying it around with me in my purse for sudden bursts of shopping inspiration.  And about 2 days later thats exactly what happened during a fifteen minute quick trip to the goodwill downtwon west.  Look at this beauty of a dress i have found and am just dying to rip apart for a diy fashion project.  Doesn't it just excude the same essence colors and flowy drapery of the above dress... spotted in the opening pages my catalog.  Yes. . . . score.  The low drop waist and maxi dress cut is perftect.  I do however think i might be making some alterations to the top and turn this into a nineteen seventies retro hippy chic flower child halter dress.  Hoping i get to this project real quick.

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