Sometimes i think of just stopping my blog all together.  Is blogging just a little too self righteous?  A bit of a "look at me and see how important i think i am" ?  I don't know really.  Do any of us bloggers out there really know?  Nope.  So we take a mini week or two long break and then stumble upon a picture or event that must be posted. . .  and voila we are back!

So here it is.  My picture i NEEDED to post.  Should have gone with my post : and we're lost in a masquerade.  Yet somehow this phot only just now made it into my hands.  This was a wildly fantastic night.  Pictured here i am with my dear friend Darren Kormandy.  Wearing my thrift store found lace body suit.  My self made black mask.  Quipped with my clip in hair extension bangs and my gold sheild 3 stone ring.  Darren's looking pretty fly with his scruff and dreads and awesomeness.


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  1. I know the feeling...just gotta post! Love the outfit and the pic! ♥


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