charmaine olivia.

 Yes!  Here it is... i finally recieved it in the mail.  My charmaine olivia print.  My punk rocker mohawk sillohuette.  It  will be an exquisite addition to my entry hallway black and white picture wall.  Stoked. The detail is wicked fierce and i am just blown away by the fact that this girl does here sillohuettes all free hand with an ink pen.  wow.  When i first stumbled her... i found another blogger raving on one of her posts... i checked out charmaine's website...and was so impressed by her paintings of ethereal women... tattooed beauties.  And then became hooked to her craft upon discovering the sillohuettes.  So many amazing prints to choose from. You must check them out.  I loved them all.  It was so hard to decide which one to buy... until i came across the below print.  I knew i had to own it..  I am in love with everypart of it.  From the girls mane to her nose ring (not sure if you can tell but its a bullring) her danngly chainy earrings to her tattoo work and the nudity.  Perfection.  I swear.   I am just wild about my etsy purchse.  Can't wait to get it framed and hanging on my wall.
And how sweet is charmaine.. she even sent a personal note to me with the print thanking me for the purchase.  No charmaine THANK YOU.  This girl deserves support.  So talented.

And look how cute she is while painting in her workspace.  She is honestly probably one of the most fashionable painters i have ever come by.  Her paintings are gorgeous and she is gorgeous too.  Here she is in the midst of finishing up one of my personal favorites of her paintings.  Isn't it marvelous?  Gosh charmaine what an inspiration! Check out her blog too.


  1. Wow, pretty awesome. I like how it's done on a raw piece of wood and not a canvas. Love it.

    strawberry freckleface


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