happy un-birthday to me.

 sick.  sad and sick.  That's how i spent my birthday this year (march 19th) very merrily unhappy.  My nicest boyfriend tried to keep me away as he battled the flu in lonliness... an attempt to keep me well.  But of course i couldn't stay away long.. had to bring my man chicken noodle soup and medicine thursday night.  Us girls cant leave our boyfriends sick and alone... its too sad.  Yet of course i woke up friday morning with a fever.. i was a pathetic mess all day.

Saturday morning... my birthday was a drag.  Until he showed up with gifts in tow.  (pictured above: red velvet chocolate ganache cake balls // ceramic rhinocerous head wall mount we nicknamed Spencer)  Best birthday present ever though was having Jordan there sick with me on my birthday.  I mean no one wants to be sick on their birthday but it makes you feel best when you have a fever buddy you get to cozy up to and watch movies with on the couch all day... and just be a lazy mess.

You know in all i missed not having the classic birthday girl pretty party pictures with my twin sister.  Missed playtime at the bar with all my lovely friends and family.  But actually i think for this year there's know way i'd rather have spent the day and night but a cozy night in with my boy.

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  1. The little "cakies" look delish! And I was a faraway sick buddy with you kinds too! ♥


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