Out and about... on the town with my girl alysha... she was my tag along friend invited on a 
twentyfirst birthday outing with a new and beautiful client and all her amazing friends. 
Thanking Alysha for keeping me company on this trip out with new friends all whom i hardly 
knew before this night. Thanking Victoria for all the drinks and champange and limo ride.  
This really was a perfect night thanks to all her planning and surprises. 
The body guard was a real treat...especially our private ride home in his towncar and our detour 
to three after party food spots (all closed) and finally making our way the The Roxy for some 
late night breakfast.  bacon and eggs and mimosas to top it off.

Do you see these amazing fishnet stocking with flare... always can count on Alysha pulling 
out all the stops in the fashion department with myself.  And geeze... did we happen to pull 
off quite matching rocker glam looks without even consulting eachother?

And Alysha... how in the world did you end up with the birthday crown at the end of the night?


  1. I love you both! The stories from this night make me smile big over and over.

  2. Holy crap, you look so much like my one of my best friends. Weird. I feel like I know you. Ha.


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