on and on.

ok. so i know you all might be hoping i'd just post fashion pictures... but fashion is nothing without a life worth living and the styles inspired by the friends you surround yourself with.  Yes i promise to get back on with the fashionista musings as well and soon.  Yet have sadly been without a camera so been relying on the friends around me and my macbook camera for most shots.

THE LODGE:  when spoken around friends i need not say more.  This is the spot of pure pandimonium.  A spectacle every gathering with nothing but a rock band vibe and a lot of love to go around.  Where the nights roll into morning and the party lasts through the entire weekend.  This band.. these people... we are all just people getting along, dancing it up and having a sexy time.  white wine.  music.  kisses.   feathers.  pabst. and fur.  all part of our typical portland playtime.

And what better way to start the morning off than with eggs and bacon for breakfast and bloody mary's for everyone?


  1. Fun times for sure....followed up by eggs? I'm always for that! ♥

  2. Ohh my birthday weekend! One of the best nights I've ever experienced at said Lodge. I love you and I love this post!

  3. i wish i was there wow you looked like you was having the time of your life≥.. Fantastic blog

    ..Check out my blog, lets follow each other....


  4. who´s the man with fur on the right side?

  5. fendi.... sorry for the long wait babe! the man with the fur is scott gilmore... lead singer for the band JustPeople.

    hottie rocker stud... yes?


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