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Black Leather Booties: NYLA, TJMaxx
Black Tights: Betsy Johnson
Denim Hot Pants: Forever21
Black Tank: American Apparel
Gray Blazer: Vintage, thrift shop

Saturday i had a big day full of parties!  Always exciting.  Got up early...jetted off to work for a couple hours in the hair salon... afterwards it was time for some hardcore freshening up.  Had some chipped acrylic nails that needed a super touchup...finished off with MAGNIFICO MEXICO an eye popping orange nail shade i was dying to find after scoping a new Fade to Black blog post, It's All About the Orange.  Oh man...ladies ths girl is sooo daring she actually rocked out some bold orange lip color and made it work fabulously... i was about to just dye when i decided to just give it a try in one way or another and i dare you to too.  i swear its like the best new color of the season! (Gotta give a shout out to this girl Gemma Rowlands... she is so innovative in the way she styles herself and she is also a crazy designer as well.  For any of you who haven't heard of her you gotta keep up with her blog...its fantastic)

Okay so first stop after sprucing up was my girl Erika's baby shower (my ex boyfriend's little sister's shower) up in Vancouver... so of course i had to make an amazing impression on the family who i hadn't seen in quite some time.  I was pretty much going for "why in the hell did you let HER go??!"  And basically got grandma lookin me up and down and telling auntie "Oh my word...she's stunning!"  The three of us ended the night swapping beauty tips and such.  Mission Accomplished.  And as for erika and the rest of the family.. i really do love them dearly and had such a wonderful time spending time together playing baby shower games and laughing with old stories.  And no of course it was not all in vain.. i really feel I am so blessed to have gained a lifelong friend through my heartbreak.  Life works out exactly how it's supposed to i suppose.

Next stop was my momma's best friends dinner party.  Wine. Homemade appetizers. Chicken marsala. Spinach artichoke salad. Party games. And enough drunken laughs to last at least until the next couple weeks.  I never knew i could have such fun with a couple girlfriends and a bunch of forty year old couples.  Definately worth spending a saturday night in for a change.  I will try to snag some pictues from the night from my daddy. 




  1. Thanks for referring to us as "40 year olds"...appreciate the minus ten years!


  2. Woo. Crackberry. Oh so addictive.


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