nothing's ever really dead.

plaid is not dead

and plaid does not HAVE to be dead yet
but does it ever really go away entirely.. i think not
and so i bought a rad red one in the mens section of goodwill last night
along with MANY other goodies... 
Furs and such to be a little more precise.
at one point i was trying on piece after piece out in the open only to turn about
and find 3 little bitty girls dressed in skirts and bobs complimenting ME
"that is so fashionable" - -  - "she is SO stylish"
oh my word i just about died.
i remember looking up to the women in the lipstick and stilettos when i was a babe
and now i am one of those fairytale beauties
i smiled and responded

"thank you very much.. and you girls look so pretty in your beautiful pink dresses"

they blushed and twirled on their toes holding out their skirts head tilted in admiration and awe
a perfect day at the thrift shop



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