and the swagger of a college kid.

this video right here...
or more so watching this video for the first time last summer
may have very well been the moment i fell in love with T.I.

absolutely loved and still do love his paper trail album.

yes this boy has a bit of my heart
his style. his swagger. his attitude on life.
not to mention his reminder of the boys i fall for... so fly.
hoodies. wife beaters. baggy sweatpants. baller caps. [the suit is sexy too]

ok ok. i know i am soundin a bit gangster...
but for all ya'll that dont know i am a dancer.. [NO! ...not a stipper]
but a dancer:  ballet. jazz. burlesque. hip-hop.
so you get the picture... love it or not thats me

well check the video


T.I. feat. Rihanna - Live your life

Mihaela | MySpace Video

life is an interesting journey.
never know where it'll take you.
peaks and valleys. twists and turns.
you can get the surprise of your life.

sometimes on the way to where your goin
you might think.
this is the worst time in my life.
but you know what.
at the end of the road.
through all the adversity.
if you can get where you wanted to be.
you remember whatever dont kill you
makes you stronger.
and all of that adversity was worth it.

on your way to the top you'll do anything.

but how do you get your life back when you get there

thats my dilemna.


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