la calaca comelona.

Valentines Day date.  My boyfriend and i had no idea where to go this valentine's he wanted thai food... but i had just eaten it the night before.  As much as i love thai food i needed something new... so i offered up a restaurant that i had been itching to try out over the past few years.  I'd read about it in a happy hour book...and when i'd seen grasshopper tacos on the menu i knew one of these days I'd have to give it a try.  I'd seen Penelope Cruz eat sun dried crickets ala authentic mexico on the David Letterman Shw.  So off we went to La Calaca Comelona (the Hungry Skeleton) on SE Belmont.

I seriously can't even believe i ate grasshoppers!  But if Penelope can do it i can do it!!  After ordering drinks...Jordan was the first to be daring enough to just grab a grasshopper and pop it into his mouth.  I was a bit squeamish at the thought of eating legs, and head and stomachs and all... but after clearing my mind...popped one in.  Spicy...crunchy... meaty.  Actually quite good.  And in taco form hardly even detectable.

After mexican jordan talked us in to grabbing take out thai food at our favorite late night spot... Thai Peacock. (isnt this the cutest corner shop? i will have to photograph the inside next time)  yellow curry... our favorite.  mmm.

So apparently... the night was abrubtly halted by my poor boyfriend breaking out in hives and itching all over.  Who knew his shellfish allergy spans to include: cockroaches, grasshoppers, and fruit flies.  4 benedryl and one zombie movie later... jordan was knocked out and i got to finish the night cuddling next to him... awake... making sure "he was still breathing" through the night.  Mission accomplished.

All in all a valentine's day that won't soon be forgotten.

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