hanna nissen.

found this photo (posted by a friend of mine on facebook) which i felt was such a perfect addition to yesterday's post: the "day of the dead" inspired makeup is so artistic and just plain beautifully done.  Hanna Nissen is a local portland freelance make up artist who also just happens to be absolutely striking...and models from time to time.  This girl has such an amazing talent for make up as an art which is obvious in the above shot.  Costumey without losing the soft feminine glamour of her features.

 It's only fair to show off the beautiful people and talent of the city i am from and today Hannah gets the privilege of gracing the pages of my blog.  I haven't actually met this chick but hope that in time over one of my many social events i cross paths with her and can thank her for her amazing beauty and fashion contributions to this city, and for these inspiring shots.

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