got my ciggy and my drugstore cowboy.

 happy birthday to my good good friends: Alysha Brooke  and of course Ian Ridgeway (of JUST PEOPLE).  And how we celebrated! With a glamorous trip out to the hood river hotel... which played part as the speakeasy in this 1920's murder mystery party.  Everyone came dressed to the nines... clad in vintage suits, fringe dresses, feathers, and caps. Look how dolled up everyone was.  I kinda wish i could embrace the 20's every day of my fashionable life.  It would be pretty swanky now wouldn't it.  My part for the night was that of the Flapper having an affair with the mayor... and threatening him to leave his wife or else.  My man suited up as Rocco Rabbit a detective at the scene.  Doesn't he look quite spiffy?  (with and without his moustache)

My look was put together the morning of the event in about 2 hours... whipped this baby up as a rip apart piece back together thrift store dress alteration.  Lets just say i was going for pure glamorous sex appeal.  The dress ended up slinky and short showing of those gams and my entire back.. with barely there straps and pretty much made of see through lace.  All i was wearing underneath was a pair of nude pantyhose with the seams up the back and nude lace pasties.  (boyfriend approved of course)  Oh and threw on my authentic vintage fox stole over top with my taupe suede platform pumps. Head piece was part of an old dance recital costume.

What can i say i go all out when it comes to embracing the role of the flapper... it fits me doesn't it?
photos - tylergould

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  1. thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm glad I inspire my idea of the chain.
    I love your blog, you have picts very funny!
    I follow you...follow me back please, would be an honor :) kisses


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