for the birds.

my boyfriend called me up the other day and asked me what my favorite animal was... i thought for a few moments and then was reminded of my childhood and how much i adored flamingos.  Mainly for their pink feathery feminine girlyness...and for there long lean legged sex appeal.  What an inspiration these beautiful birds are and can be on fashion and beauty.  After pairing these photos together i must point out my loves:

1.BIG FLOPPY BLACK HAT - never thought i'd wear one and yet now i think i must splurge...these girls wear theirs with such grace and edge.  (gotta borrow the little sisters hat and see how i ike it)

2. FEATHERS AND FUR - just can't get enough.  the textures.  the softness. the organic natural bohemian vibe. and each so very different each with a various purpose.

3. LEGS ELONGATED w/ BLACK TIGHTS AND BLACK SHOES -  an absolute must on a vary daily basis. especially fall.winter.spring in portland.  the longer and leaner and thinner the better.

4. BODY CHAIN OVER CHUNKY KNIT SWEATER - now why hadn't i thought of this one.  way to add some rock ito a very chic look.  black black black with pastels...i am loving.

5. LIGHTEST COTTON CANDY PINK HAIR - i am dying.  been absolutely craving...possibly obsessing over this hair.  The color is so soft and subtle and over my white blonde hair would blend over oh-so-well.  sexy. feminine. a bit out there but hot and IN. i may have to jump into this temporary dye job soon...before this becomes an overdone trend or before i chicken out completely. (besides how hot would this hair look wearing mostly blacks and whites and neutrals?)



  1. Beautiful pics.Great blog.
    I'm a new follower.I hope that become my follower too.

  2. thank you ! :) I love the second picture


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