when the fog burns off.

Wow... how lucky am i.  It's these little lucious moments of beauty when i am reminded of the true magnificance of the world i live in.  Able to appreciate this breathtaking organic world as god created it and see it contrasting and yet cohesively melded with the modern luxuries of life that we have built.

I couldn't help but be astounded and taken aback by the sight i saw as i drove over the burnside bridge this morning.  The view out my car window of the city waking for a brand new day.  Alive within but from a distance looking so still and mellow as the fog began to burn away.  This city took my breath away.  It took me to a whole new place...a place i had never experienced before.  I felt like i could be in stolckolm or chicago, anywhere really... but this place just didnt quite feel like home, like portland.  Cozy....yes it looked so very cozy.  Exciting..beautiful..a breath of fresh air.  This looked like a perfect place to be.  And it was my city.. but seen through a new set of eyes.  And now i am ready for a brand new day.. and soon the start of a brand new year.  Amazing things are gonna happen...after the sunrise

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