lita lita lita lita lita.

i did it!  ordered my taupe suede lita's.  Jeffrey Campbell i heart you!  These baby's are so hard to come by and so when i found them in stock at Lori's Shoes (and in my size) i had to buy buy buy.  Immediately.  There was no time to waste.  Seriously...though ask me a few months ago and it may have been a different story as i didn't quite have my mind made up on this trend when i first saw the shoes popping up on some of my ever so cherished fashion blogs.  bleachblack. somethingnavy. fashiontoast.

[ fashionsquad // fashiontoast // pinkwasteland // wildfox ]

Now... i come to realize the reason for my confusion turned obsession.  These shoes are probably one of the hardest trends to pull off.  Second only to the skin tight low rise cigarette jean.  Case and point... ONLY purchase to wear if you were blessed with long skinny victoria's secret model gams.  Unfortunately the silhouette of this shoe has a way of accentuating flaws.  The chunky two inch sole for some reason makes short legs appear shortened and hitting at just above ankle somehow widens an ankle that wasn't built like a toothpick.  Now don't take my word for it... but I think this was the reason for my folly.  I do everything i can to avoid desexifying my legs. (short skirts. mini dresses. knickerbockers. skinny jeans. sky high heels)  And i mistake this treacherous would be a $160 mistake.  Not affordable on a recessionista budget.

The more I see these shoes i am obsessed...and it is  growing.  These shoes especially in the taupe suede are an absolute must have addition to my closet.  This shoe will take me from winter to summer back to fall again.  Cozy neutral cold weather boot can easily become a lightweight nude limb lengthening ankle boot paired with short shorts and a flowy silk top.  These shoes can't get here soon enough.  The anticipation is killing me!


  1. this is the pair you were talking about? VERY NICE for a first pair of jeffrey campbells! and if you love litas, you will probably love mode junkie's blog... she has like five pairs! her blog is http://modejunkie.blogspot.com/

    i like your blog! thanks for stopping by mine with the comments


  2. I love these outfits! The last picture of the all white outfit is so beautiful! I love how it flows!

    VPV Intern

  3. I must admit...it may take me a bit of time to get used to these...anyway...they have arrived!

  4. I love these shoes but I must say that its good to know that they accentuate flaws... definetly not buying them! hahaha Tks for the info and the visit in my blog! Muaaaa

  5. (i found you blog by googling these shoes because) I just totally did the same! solestruck.com mailed me, saying they just recieved them in my size, so without thinking I just ordered them! Such a great feeling! have fun with your new Litas, I know I will!


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