a bare tree in love with the winter.

[my little sister gracie at her birthday brunch - cosmopolitangem.blogspot.com]

This morning.   The morning after my little sister's 21st birthday outing.  She had to have been severely hung over.  But somehow at 21 the body bounces back in a way that at 25 i can only dream of.  Wow... i could never imagine how much a difference four years makes.  It's crazy really.  We all pretty much rolled out of bed and prepped ourselves to go in about fifteen minutes.  And look how bloody gorgeous gracie is.  Her hair in the soft tousled waves she has so excellently perfected.  Her make up flawless as ever.  Donning her signature black blazer (nordstroms) and her brand new gaudy pearl ring (3monkeys), a birthday present from momma. Sexy way to start her new year.  

The birthday girl's boss is spectacular.  She hosted this most delicious brunch in the pearl district at gracie's favorite breakfast cafe.  Let me just say how blown away i was with Via Delizia.  The restaurant is an italian street corner.  When i say it is... i mean it looks like a fuckin street corner but inside to protect you from the portlnad rain.  There is a small cafe/gelato cart... brick walls inside that place you on the "outdoors" and there is even a full sized tree smack dab in the center of the shop.  It is delightful.  The meaning of the name says it all via delizia (street of delight) they really nailed it with the ambiance.  The waitstaff was charming. The boy serving us was not only easy on the eyes but the most friendly happy helpful waiter i have had in quite sometime.  He made us feel right at home in this little piece of italy.  And the food... oh the food... i thing the deliciousness will speak for itself when you see what was on our break fast menu.  Take a look.  And if you are ever lucky enough to visit portland you really should make it a point to visit this pearl district street corner.  yum.

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