minted in 1989.

Happy 21st to my little sista.  After work i picked up my momma and drove to north portland for a little family birthday celebration at a swank little happy hour spot (one of my favorites) Mint is a fabulous option for happy hours all night long wednesday day nights.  Plenty of scrumptious bites... not to mention the most delectable sweet puried fruit drink concotions.  Specilty of the bartender ad owner.  Her drinks are so fab she even has her very own book Hip Sips.  It outlines some of te best drinks from local portland hotspots as well as giving a step by step guide to mixing up your very own elaborate mint drinks yourself at home.  Quite the treat.

After mint we headed to gracie's favorite spot, 50 Plates, for appetizers and drinks and present opening!  And as that place seemed to be a bit of a bust with a snooty server and pretentious wait staff... along came my parents with the saving grace of the night.  A trip back to the candlelight room.  (A definite sketchy lecherous party spot.  Not a place you want to end up alone as a young twentysomething chick.  This place is swarming with would be east coast hustlers who have no place to fit in but this local dive joint.  Surprisingly...this isn't me dissing the place completely.  It actually is quite the time. Get ready for a night you wont forget.  Decked with a live, and practically unsurpassed jazz band with the grit and swagger to make anyone get up and dance, and the company to keep people watching and chatting at its max.  It's never a dull moment at the candlelight) So sorry the birthday girl had to jet early... but that by no means meant the party had to stop.  We definitely kept things swinging til the band shut down.  What a great wednesday night!

Biggest drag of the night.  I colored my hair a few days prior to this night and while at work decided i'd need to dye my bang/hairline extensions to match the rest of my head.  Unfortunately things didn't go as planned and the hair turned out pastel green and then endured a bleached out chemical haircut which sent my extensions to the garbage can.  Can we say tears for days.... so sad.  I am afraid i probably won't have my bangs back for new years either.  What a devastating moment to be me.  Finally find something that works to make my hair and me feel all pretty again... and then i have to go and fry the heck out of the bangs.  So... cheers to night one minus my sexy hair.. hopefully i can bring sexy back real soon.  Night lovers.

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