i remember when i first stumbled upon this series of photos.  My hair was a shade away from being the white hot platinum i craved and i was hanging onto every last strand of length left of my cringy dingy locks. Not a single hairdresser dared take me where i wanted to go..scared of the possibility that their mistake could be the reason i'd end up with a bleach fried chemical haircut.  Was the color i invisioned impossible on my light brunette/dirty blonde mane?  

Then i found it... this.  This is Hannah Glasby photographed by Darren McDonald.  I fell in love with the photography.  fell in love with the vibe. the pure carefree nature of the girl in the pictures.  Her tousled white hair.  She lacked the long silky tresses most models were wearing, the repunzel hair that seemed to eminate sexy.  Hair that made those cursed with thin short hair dissatified and envious.  But hannah and something about the way darren captured her this day, proved beyond expectation, that an innocent boyish edge had infact a place all it's own.  A place only those daring enough would be able to go.  This new found sexiness is one i craved. begged to belong to.  I wanted to be the chick in this shoot.  beautiful. graceful. soft. elegant. wildly unabashed. with a brazen confidence that no one could take.

i want and lust and have just been reminded of the me i was after. the me i am after. striving to be a women of dignity, strength and to expose the raw beauty that comes from self acceptance and authenticity.


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