switching up my mistletoe for moss this year.

I've seen this photo making it's rounds on fashion blogs internationally this december.  Kate Moss could be more of an object of envy then the role she portrays in this photo.  Glamorous model.. exhausted after a late night 2:00am lingerie editorial shoot.  Ready to call it a night and pack it up.  She wraps herself in her oversized fur and throws on her boots.  Only to colapse onto the nightstand purse into tow longing for a few last drags off her cigarette.  The photographer takes one last flash.  This one will remind him of the rare night he spent shooting one of the worlds most revered models of our time.   A legend.  He breaths a sigh of relieve and a smile smirks up on the sides of his lips.  Complete.

Now i ask you how is it miss moss has the ability to look ever so careless and beautifully raw even in this simple shot.  She has the grace of a parisian runway model and the edge of only some off duty LA rocker chick.  Yet she's so chic.  And yes.. in this picture i too wanna embody her.  And so an idea:

This... this picture above... it the inspiration for my christmas card this year.  Kate moss couldn't look more wintery.  The vibe is perfect... i now have the perfect insert for my single girl living in the city holiday card.  (Heck.  I don't have a model family.. or an euro-chic fiance.. or even a fluffy little disheveled yorky to cuddle up next to.  So this year it's gotta be just me and my fur coat in my sexy little apartment.)  

Choosing the one shot to make it into my christmas card this year was the tough part.  Such a challenge.  But here it is...the one frame i feel captures the essence of my year and who i have become.  Careless.  Edgy. Beautiful. Effortless. Chic.  Exactly comfortable embracing the me i want to be.  And i love it.  I hope you all do too.  


  1. this is amazinng! badass in the best way


  2. you're such a badass hottie!! I hope you didn't send this out to Papi! ;)


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