white washed.

Been wearing my hair with its natural wave lately.  It's finally grown long enough to not constantly pull back on every occasion in a desperate attempt to make the style look halfway decent and purposeful. I LOVE my hair today!  I think this is actually the first time in my whole life that i can honestly admit that i love eveything about it and its natural texture... well that is other than the fact that i am dying in wait once again for new extensions.  The color is absolutely perfect white platinum... a perfect Kristin Reiter white.  The curls are due to completely letting my hair airdry on it's own with a little Bb Styling Spray.  And i must say my hair would be nothing if it wasn't for my deep conditioning masques.  They have saved my hair life!

gold bracelets - thrifted  //  jeans - Joe's  //  red string - gifted  //  suede boots - MIA  //  earcuff - ashaloo via Etsy


  1. Nice shoes and bracelets !!


  2. Lovely photos. Please check out my blog – http://istyled.blogspot.com/
    I am new :)

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