It's a shame i couldn't post these photos sooner... but i had to keep them a secret due to the fact that these three pieces were gifts from me to my little sister as a present that took way too long to get to her.  Since she is a fellow blogger i wouldn't dare post these for fear of ruining her surprise.  Also noted should be the absolute success i had.  She absolutely died over these garments.  Which obviously put a smile on my face.

Each piece of clothing was made by or altered by me.  I am sooo proud of these pieces.

1. BLACK FITTED BLAZER - found it at a thrift store for one dollar.  Yes i am serious.  Added the gold buttons and repaired a minor hole in the right back shoulder by sewing on a chic detailed heart patch.

2. BLACK MAXI SKIRT - oh my.  let me just say the fabric of this skirt is absolutely to die for.  I don't know what it is but it feels like a cold breezy jersey knit. (if that even makes the slightest bit of sense to any of you)  Since it is so so hard for us tall girls to find long long floor length figure flattering skirts i figured i'd fashion one up on my own.  A perfect addition too any spring/summer/winter/fall wardrobe in black especially.  I fashioned this maxi out of a longish old sackdress i happed to stubble upon at the local thrift store.  When i finished this item it was soooo hard to part with.  So hard in fact that now (as seen in my last post) i have already mad my self one of my own. Yay.

3. CHIC ARMY PARKA - an absolute must have item for this spring turned summer.  I have loved how i see girls pulling off this baggy yet fitted jacket style over skinny jeans or even a sweet flowy dress.  This look is one my sister can pull off much better than myself.  I can't say i do well even in the slightest in long coats.  My alteration to this (also thrift store find) was adding some one of a kind detailing by sewing black lace along the zipper lining and collar. Just the perfect touch.

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