and i know some say this day is arbitrary.

i say it's a special day.  couples... loved ones... family... friends.  show love and appreciation for one another.  no sense why so many singles have such an issue with this day.  we can all have this day.  show a little love. a perfect excuse to just be happy.  be in one anothers company...cozy... sweet... complete.  Love is encouraged.  Be it secret admirer or boyfriend or couple of 50 years.  Celebrate Valentines Day.  It's a good excuse to put our love to use and simply love.

I  for one couldn't be more thrilled with the day and the absolute sweetness of the boy in my life.  A very simple valentine's day... but a good one nonetheless.  My boyfriends gift to me this year was a box of red velvet cupcakes dipped in chocolate berry ganoche frosting.  and Oh my.   He did good... one bit into the first cupcake and i practically melted.  Hooked.  I think these are actually better than any mainstream cupcake i have ever eaten.  There's a perfect balance of real food taste mixed with the richness of chocolate and natural sweetness of berries.  Uh oh i see a probablem arising.

He ordered these personally for me from Dessert Labs.  (a new small bakery up on NW 24th Ave // right in my neighborhood)  They are open Saturdays noon - 4:00 and i can just see myself stopping in to fill up on there latest concoction. The best part? Dessert Labs specializes in gluten free baking and these little yummies where made dairy free too...  yes my boyfriend knows me so well he made sure to order them made with hemp milk.  I so love his support in my gluten free dairy free lifestyle.  Makes life a little easier when you have someone who is not only daring enough to try out new recipes and restaurants with you... but also someone who cares enough to find me a perfect chocolate valentines treat so i could share in this holiday with everyone else.  Thank you babe.
When you get a chance... if you happen to live in the area, i fully expect that you take a trip over to Dessert Labs.  If you don't live in the area... well you are in luck because as it turns out they ship.  Just place an order.  You have my word you will not be disappointed.  I mean look how scrumptious these look above.  I know you wanna take a bite.

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