i got what i deserve.

Some nights out are just fully unexpected and amazing!  Let me rephrase that: Unforgetable.

Oh ladies how i love thee.  Random phone call last minute last thursday to see what i was up to... led to a night out at Sassy's for a birthday party extraordinaire.  Thank you thank you for this invite.  Beautiful people. Beautiful dancing. Sexiness.  Full on Portland vibe going on there and i loved it.  Tattoos.  Beanies.  White hot shoes.  Black leggings.  Everyone i met in town from Arizona absolutely rocked as well.  Not to mention my favorite new chick of them all... oh Natalie Das.  (pictured above)  pro skater / producer / photographer this girl is IT.  Incredible!

3:30 am rolled around all too soon...which meant a ride back to the west side for more fun back at Alysha's apartment.  Thankfully cuz this night..we just didn't want it to end.  Random trips to the vending machine. Elevator pictures.  And the three of us cuddled in lysh's bed for the night.  Complete.  What a ride.

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