grace potter and the nocturnals.

 i cannot belive that this friday the 28th of january... i have the unfortunate mishap of missing out on seeing this babe and her band in concert at the wonderballroom.  I am devastated.  This band had become one of my ultimate go to albums of this year.  It is absolutely bluesy sexy full of american grit. That belt ot the lyrics with out a care type vocals.  Kinda a throwback to Janis Joplin.  Raw.  Real sound.

The band looks like they have an absolute blast together.. rockin hard.  Mad performing skills.   And they seem totally authentic.  As though every time you see them together you are getting a legit sneak peek into a day in the life of a rad crew.  People you just crave to be friends with.   They are like that styling hipster crowd that you know must throw the most kickin parties and really love the heck out of eachother.  And they look super fab while doing it!  (Kinda remindin me of my friends/band JUST PEOPLE.. portland rocker.  i will do a post on them later i promise)

Grace!  This girl blows me away.  She is a total fashionista... 100% blog worthy i mean come on look at her.  That hair... it's forever changing from raven to blonde to this signature strawberry color.  Always the full fringe...and oh so long. Sexy sexy sexy.  And those mini dresses especially the sequin ones.  Man she has legs that just go on forever.

If i don;t score tickets for this concert... i may be in tears for over the weekend.

Check these videos for some major inspiration:


  1. Loove these pics a lot darling!!! :D
    Thanks for your loovely comment !!! The girl in the pics with bangles in my post... is me!!!with black hair ;D Thaaaaanks hun!!!

  2. can i find somewhere or someone to wear these burlesque clothes for?


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