please let me love you until you can love yourself.

For all of His children who walk away...turn their cheek...and throw Him out
Without reason or explanation.. or emotional response.
With out so much as a blink... just a blank stare of nothingness..
empty of any attempt to fight for what is so easily ignored..
blatantly letting Him slip away.

He is left heartbroken. Speechless. Hurt and abandoned...
(not without His own intent to fight.. His desire to love)
but because of the willingness of those who let themselves parish..
those who are stoic in this choice.. this flight toward nothingness.. a sudden step into empty. Alone.

His love is unfailing.. unwavering..
Although it seems as though what was done had left His love in disrepair
as though He had been pushed to His limits and had given up all hope.
He never let that love leave His heart.
For it has remained steady and unchanged... laying in wait.. patient
In hopes that one day those who turned their backs would see a glimpse
a reminder of that love (their Lover) whom they at once had pushed aside.. their first love.

His is ready and will always take them in.. receive them with love...
opened by their sorrowful tears.. accepted by their humility..
forgiven by the Unconditional Love.. the grace.. of the One
who has and does wash away the anguish.. forget the heartbreak..
and revel in the amazement of a heart.. a life.. His child..




  1. I read this the morning and didn't realize you wrote it. Love it and so very true. :)

  2. great blog, really love your style

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  3. i love the colour of that lippy xxxx


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