clever trick.

Last night my best friend Amanda and I drove down to Portland's east side...
(the side of Portland my sister says i look like I am from) We went down to
the Wonder Ballroom for and AMAZING concert... Landon Pigg (Love in a Coffee
Shop) and of course my personal favorite...A FINE FRENZY. Ally Sudol is and
has been a favorite of mine for quite sometime..and thankfully Amanda shares
the same love for emotional music as i do. Had some drinks in the upstairs
bar during the opening bands... but of course when ms. sudol was ready to
play we dug our way to the front of the stage...(okay okay Amanda dragged me
up there! But i am just not a pushy concert goer) The show was incredible
and wouldn't have been the same had she not played and had i not teared up to
my most favorite song ever: ALMOST LOVER and thanks to amanda for the should
to cry on.


Now are you just about dying over this new vintage addition to my closet? Yes!
I am talking bout the red silk, sequin and beaded blouse i bought this week at
one of the east side vintage shops. It pretty much wears phenominally... and i
only have a few minor touch ups needing to be repaired in the sequin department.
But this piece has gotta be one of my new favorites!


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