whiskey sour.

Last night. Off work late from the salon. Had to get ready fast & head
downtown to meet my girl brooke (we kickit at the dance studio/she's
a stunning fashion week rep). Her man was spinnin at East (swanky
little NY scene lounge in SW) and i just needed a little whiskey and
venting after last week's heartbreak. One thing i can say about my
relationship gone sour...(or rather him freaking the f*** out)...is that
it's kept me skinny as can be. Able to throw whatever the hell i want
on and feel amazing. Rockin that body out! Threw on my skin tight jeans
and hot black snakeskin platform heels... belted this blue sequin top
(my thriftstore find) with a vintage black braided belt to show off a bit
of sexy midriff and dropped the neckline off the shoulder (so wish i had
a full body shot of the outfit...everyone was in LOVE with it) So glam yet
so laidback. And sexy as anything.

amazing what a postbreakup body does for the wardrobe.


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