late night video call with a boy, a cup of hot decaf passion tea in my gold starbucks mug, feeling so sexy cute in my bedtime loungewear.  ( thrifted silk floral top / brown textured tights )   

check my new triple stone sheild ring... gold with diamond white gems.  picked it up at 3 Monkeys (gift boutique) while christmas shopping up on NW 23rd.  i am addicted to it.  i feel so sexy and badass at the same time when wearing it.  it adds the perfect finishing touch to practically any outfit.

Mid phone call at 2:00 amwe were interupted by the ringing of my apartment building fire alarm.  in a rush i dashed downstairs and into the lobby to find only 4 other apartment tenants up and alert and ready to not die in what could be a disasterous fire!  keys and phone in hand... armed with my white ruffled blanket, no pants, and my black leather lace up combat boots... i was elected the girl to take the lead... call nine-one-one...and deal with the fire fighters outside.   One of those nights where i was so so so so happy i'd put myself together before bedtime.  Never know when you might have an accidental marylin monroe moment with a cutie knockin at your door...or a sexy firefighter coming to your rescue?

on another good note: the fire was a false alarm...the building didn't burn down to ashes.

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