Last week headed over to the sister's house for a round of pumpkin carving, hot homemade chicken chili, and a hard cider party.  So fun getting together with the couple of us... especially that it happened to be the first real rainy rainy fall day and all we all wanted to do was get cozy, warm up, and play.

I love love loved my outfit... for some reason this just felt totally and completely ME.  Not to mention i felt like my legs looked killer in these short shorts and stilettos. sexy.  Some times i get into the mode of trying to dress like my ittle sister Grace (cosmopolitangem.blogpot.com) As you see above she has this certain cute, feminine, fashionista vibe...a look i adore on her. A look i try to vibe off of.. but when i where what she would wear i feel so totally out of my skin. Gotta remember to use her as inspiration but gotta stay true to me.  Sexy, rocker, hipster... hell i'd wanna do me!

OUTFIT:  black loose knit shirt - thrifted // black scarf - christmans gift // black tights - Urban Outfitters // denim shorts - forever 21 // stilettos - steve madden // glasses - hollywood vintage // silver bangle - thrifted


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